Coliving and coworking spaces

Relax, work and collaborate in an inspiring community

Coliving and coworking spaces

Relax, work and collaborate in an inspiring community

What is ColivingHub?

We know that digital nomads and entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists can get lonely sometimes because of the nature of their work. Hostels are great for meeting people, but not always the best places to get some work done since you can get easily distracted. Hotels are nice, quiet and comfortable, but they only isolate you even more. If these lines speak for you, then we can say that you are in the right place!

ColivingHub is connecting digital nomads in relaxing, beautiful and cozy coliving spaces in Europe.

Inspiring people

The best part about coliving spaces are the people involved. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than being surrounded by like-minded digital nomads who want to meet people, exchange knowledge and experiences, work on their projects in each other’s company and network, all while watching the sunset from a beautiful villa’s terrace on an island. You get amazing flatmates, travel buddies and “coworkers” all in one!

Beautiful locations

We carefully selected big, beautiful, cozy houses suitable for both working and relaxing. Regardless if the house is in the mountain or the beach, the breathtaking view will be a great inspiration for work. You will also have the opportunity to do outdoor activities and explore the city together with your cool housemates. We are constantly adding new locations, you can subscribe our newsletter of fill in our contact form if you want to get updates.

The ultimate working holiday

Working on your computer while sipping cocktails and watching the sunset in a villa in Greece seems like a dream to most people. But now not only that you are discovering a new city, relaxing and having lots of fun in a beautiful place, you also get to hang around and work with people just like you - strangers in the beginning, but soon best friends or who knows, maybe even business partners. Travel, network and work in a way you never did before!


Why would I book?

Private rooms

We value privacy and intimacy, this is why we only offer private, confy rooms at ColivingHub. Book before someone takes the one with the nice view!

Cozy communal areas

You will not find any coworking spaces that look like offices, we focused more on creating a cozy and confortable living and working environment.

Beautiful locations

In case you didn't add them already, the chosen locations should definitely be part of your travel itinerary. Plus, you can live in a warm city in Italy, Malta or Greece on the beach during the winter months.

Cleaning and linen

No need to carry the sheets in your backpack anymore! Just kidding, the houses are nice and clean and equipped with everything you need.


No matter which house you book, Skype will not drop during a call with a client or family. If you're in danger of overworking, feel free to switch it off.

Activities and retreats

We organize several activities and retreats (the yoga retreats are a big hit). Some are planned and offered by us, some will be organized together according to suggestions and preferences.


How long do you wish to stay with us?

Discount prices in low season

Weekly stay

  • 20% discount if you're sharing the room with a friend

Monthly stay

  • 150 €/month discount if you offer to help co-run the place

Booking process

ColivingHub is not a booking platform, since our goal is not to offer accommodation, but to create an experience and have a great time working, living and discovering a new place together. This is why we would like to get to know each other before welcoming you in our co-living community.

Have you already decided about the location?



Live, work, network and travel with like-minded digital nomads and artists in beautiful cities around Europe. Cozy houses, private rooms, breathtaking views, inspiring housemates, retreats. Join our community and combine work and travel in a way you never experienced before!


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