Where are our coworking and coliving spaces located?

New places, people and experiences every day

You know what they say: “People make the place”. And we can all agree that’s true. Usually when travelling we feel better in places where locals are hospitable and we make great friends. At ColivingHub we focus on bringing people who share the same vision, passion and lifestyle.

But that’s not all! We carefully select each house and location. What do they have in common? Cities that should definitely be on your bucket list, culture, history, nature, gorgeous landscapes and a great local and expat community. There are places where you can relax, do sports, outdoor activities, have lots of fun, connect with locals and travelers and get your work done without feeling that you’re working.

These are not the typical, office-like coworking spaces. You will stay in spacious, modern and cozy coliving houses in a private room. We will also organize several activities and retreats: coaching and personal development activities, yoga, meditation, nutrition, healthy cooking, plant medicine, massage sessions and shamanic retreats.


Live, work, network and travel with like-minded digital nomads and artists in beautiful cities around Europe. Cozy houses, private rooms, breathtaking views, inspiring housemates, retreats. Join our community and combine work and travel in a way you never experienced before!


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