Coliving Greece

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Co-living in Greece - breathtaking views, great people, culture

It’s a fact – no matter if you are tourist, backpacker or digital nomad, Greece is a dream destination. Sandy beaches, beautiful scenery, history, culture, vibrant cities, friendly locals, great food. I could go on and on with this list, but one thing is for sure: you cannot dislike Greece, there is something for everyone.

So if you are a remote worker, artist or entrepreneur looking for a co-living space in Greece, you are in the right place! At ColivingHub we bring location-independent professionals together in cozy houses suitable for living, working and spending time with your new housemates.


Meditation and yoga retreats in Greece


Live, work, network and travel with like-minded digital nomads and artists in beautiful cities around Europe. Cozy houses, private rooms, breathtaking views, inspiring housemates, retreats. Join our community and combine work and travel in a way you never experienced before!


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