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Co-living in Italy - work, live, relax and travel with like-minded people

Italy is an amazing place for both living and traveling. Rich history, art, amazing food, the best wine, warm people and breathtaking cultural and natural landmarks. It’s the country of people who know how to enjoy life, food, beauty and art.

Now, with ColivingHub, you can live in Italy for a while in the mountains or on the beach, take your time to work, discover the local culture, landmarks and cuisine. Best part? You are not alone! You will have the opportunity to network with fellow digital nomads you will share a house with.

  • Cozy houses in Sicily and in the heart of Italy
  • Private rooms, facilities and coworking spaces
  • Opportunities to travel and discover the local food and culture together with your new housemates
  • Activities, events, coaching and retreats
  • Discounted prices in low season or if you offer to help co-running the place
  • An inspiring community of digital nomads



Live, work, network and travel with like-minded digital nomads and artists in beautiful cities around Europe. Cozy houses, private rooms, breathtaking views, inspiring housemates, retreats. Join our community and combine work and travel in a way you never experienced before!


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